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Ubisoft confirms only DLC and online features will be affected by Steam delistings

TikTok watermark remover will save them without logo. GetSnackVideo is one of the most popular tools to download Snack videos.

  • I told that person that I had lots of interest already and I expected to sell it for asking, and the person ended up saying OK and buying it for asking.
  • So I wrote them back and explained what I meant, so that they would understand that some games are UPlay and some are not.
  • It’s worth noting that in the cases of Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3, their remastered editions will still be available to play as normal.
  • Or, regardless of when your personal information changes, the outdated version will remain an option anyway.

This buyer, like most defrauded on auction sites, has little or no chance to get his money back. They insist you remove your listing, send the item to them directly, and they’ll pay you directly. On eBay, your feedback score from other users is calculated on two levels. As a buyer, you should look at both of these scores for the sellers you’re considering.

How to Remove Orbit Downloader from Chrome

The couple filed a lawsuit in July alleging that former eBay employees tried to “terrorise, stalk, and silence” them. According to the lawsuit, eBay mailed the Steiners packages of live cockroaches, a bloody pig mask, and a funeral wreath. The Steiners also allege that eBay employees tried to break into their garage to put a GPS device on their car. What’s happening, according to Beanie Baby experts, is a quirk of both eBay and society at large. The vast majority of Beanie Babies are essentially worthless, but the craze of the 1990s and the seemingly high sales prices of certain beanies have led to a collective delusion. For the second time in a few weeks they have sent a parcel to the wrong post code.

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remove autofill settings

Having Google Chrome automatically fill out online forms with your name, address, phone number and even your card or bank details can certainly make for a swifter checkout when shopping at a new site. But if you’re concerned that the data you allow the browser to access is becoming too personal, it’s easy to remove certain parts or delete everything in one go. We show you how to manage and delete all the information stored in Google Chrome’s Auto-fill feature. To clear autofill on Microsoft Edge, there are three different options. You can either turn off the feature for both forms and passwords or delete all the autofill data.

Google Chrome: how to manage autofill email address / phone number?

The Lutris installer will automatically take care of downloading and setting up WINE and UPlay. Ubisoft is shutting down its services for a total of 15 games. Valve has been reprimanded in the past for its ‘hands off’ approach to curating Steam over the years, but that’s not to say that it’s deaf to feedback. Put that way, it does sound kind of ridiculous, doesn’t it? You can see how less informed people, or perhaps more casual gamers, could get confused.

Why can I no longer start the timer in the Desktop app?

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